Things That Are Ruining Your Lawn

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Common Things That Are Killing Your Lawn

Keeping grass green, lush, and healthy is not always as easy as just mowing and watering. As your turfgrass is like a little ecosystem, it should have the right amount of nutrients, cut at the right height, mowed at the right time, among others. Here are some unexpected mistakes that may be sabotaging your hard work!

Unhealthy Soil

soilIf you want to have a thriving lawn, your grass needs healthy soil. Overfertilizing is also a common mistake. If you give more food than it needs, your grass will end up turning brown like burned. Always apply fertilizer, taking into account your turfgrass species requirements and according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Plus, having your turf aerated at least once a year can help get more water, air, and nutrients into the soil.

Cutting Your Lawn in the Same direction

You should not mow it in the same direction. Vary the direction in which you cut your lawn. That will help prevent unusual patterns or grooves from forming in your grass.

Mowing Your Lawn When it is Wet

Never cut your grass when it is wet as it will be more challenging to get a homogeneous, clean cut. Plus, wet grass clippings also can make your mower work harder and can even lead to blockages. So, wait until it is dry to perform the job.

mow lawnNot Sharpening Your Mower Blades

Unsharpened mower blades will only harm your turfgrass. Sharpen them at least once a season to protect the mower itself and your lawn.

The above incorrect habits will not help your lawn; contrary, they can do more harm than good. Check our blog about good lawn practices to keep your lawn healthy throughout the year.

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