Reducing Pesticide Use

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Best Way to Care for Your Lawn

The best way to care about your lawn is by taking the time to understand what it needs. If you are currently applying pesticides to control things and want to go greener, here are some tips that will help you reduce your lawn needs for this product.

Prevent Lawn Problems

prevent lawn problems

Pull weeds out as soon as you see them

Anticipation is key in lawn care. That means that prevention is the best way to maintain your lawn at its best. Each grass species has its specific requirements. You should use correct aerating, fertilizing, mowing, overseeding, topdressing, and watering practices, for each type of grass. However, the two main actions that will keep your lawn free of invaders and diseases include pulling weeds out by hand as soon as they appear. Also, you can introduce ladybugs and parasitic wasps that will help you keep insects controlled.

Stay on Top of Your Lawn

Inspecting your lawn regularly will allow you to spot pests and other problems before they become a severe problem. Once you identify the problem contact a lawn specialist to help you determine which corrective action is best for your needs.

Promote a Healthy Growing Environment

Pests are not the only culprits of plant damage. Other things that can injure your lawn include deficient growing conditions, ineffective maintenance, dog urine, or road salt.

control pestsUnderstand the Pests

Acquiring a good knowledge about the pests’ natural history, how and when they reproduce, and all the details about their eating habits will help you decide when to apply corrective actions, and how to prevent more problems from developing later.

Change Your Lawn Care practices

If pests keep coming back, you may want to change your lawn care habits and start applying one or several new lawn care practices:

  • Add lime
  • Remove thatch
  • Address fertility issues
  • Increase mowing height
  • Correct drainage problems

Choosing A Lawn Care Company

If you want to maintain a healthy lawn throughout the year hassle-free, you can turn your head to Secure Lawn. We can help you to keep your lawn in healthy conditions and control pests. Visit our website to find out about the programs and prices we offer.

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