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Which Nutrients are Important for a Healthy Lawn?

Essential Nutrients for a Healthy Lawn

Every homeowner wants to have a green, healthy, and beautiful turfgrass. Besides having good mowing habits, and watering your lawn correctly, your soil should have the right levels of nutrients. Here is a list of the most essential nutrients for your turf grass wellness.


Even though your turf doesn’t have bones, it still needs calcium. This element contributes to the structural development of the grasses cell wall. It helps in developing the support system for its vascular activities. If there is a calcium deficiency, your grass will look bent or run over.Essential Nutrients for a Healthy Lawn


This element contributes to giving the green coloring of plants as it intervenes in the formation of chlorophyll and of enzyme activators. Deficiency of magnesium will reflect in the loss of a bright green color between veins, leading to yellowing (chlorosis).


This is one of the most essential nutrients, not only for your grass but for all the plants in your landscape. In the soil, nitrogen is ready to be used by your lawn in the form of nitrate. By using nitrogen-fixing bacteria, the roots of your turf absorb it. The right levels of nitrogen in the soil will lead to a greener turf. Nitrogen is a necessary element for the photosynthesis to occur, as it helps plants produce chlorophyll.


This nutrient helps grass in growth and development. Along with potassium, and nitrogen, it is one of the major three elements required by plants. Reinforcing weathering or microbial activity are the best methods to fix phosphorus deficiencies.


lawn care serviceThe primary function of potassium is to make your grass stronger, more resistant to cold and heat, drought, pests, and stress. It will also increase water use efficiency and contribute to early growth. We recommend mulching of grass clippings to improve the potassium concentration in your soil.


Sulfur keeps your turf’s immune system in top condition to effectively fight against disease infestation. Plus, the production of amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, and other proteins are possible thanks to this essential nutrient. Younger leaves first will suffer from lower levels of sulfur. You will notice a pale yellow appearance, known as chlorosis, and, later on, stunting.

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