Tree & Shrub Care

Give Your Trees & Shrubs the Nutrients They Need to Keep Insects and Diseases under Control in all Seasons.

Protect Your Trees and Shrubs Today! SecureLawn can help.

Is your outdoor landscape looking dull and tired? Make sure that it doesn’t fall prey to damaging insect populations or common plant diseases by beginning a tree and shrub care program today. By taking the necessary steps to nourish them with an abundance of essential nutrients, and protective I&D (insect and disease) control applications, you can safeguard your trees and shrubs against hazardous infestations and fatal illnesses. Not only will this ensure the health of your plants, but it will also enhance the overall beauty of your entire landscape.

Our Approach

Our SecureLawn comprehensive tree and shrub service includes regular applications every 4-7 weeks, ensuring they remain vibrant and flourishing.

Tree & Shrub Applications

To keep your trees and shrubs safe and healthy, our specialized application process provides timely nutrition and protection year-round. During each season, this program guards against common pests and diseases which could otherwise affect the foliage.

Horticultural Oil Treatment

Twice annually, an application of horticultural oil is applied to keep insect eggs and larvae at bay. Applying this treatment once in the beginning of spring and again toward the end of fall will limit their maturation into adulthood, resulting in minimal damage to your landscape.

Insect & Disease (I&D) Control Treatments

Protect your trees and shrubs all year round with our Spring and Summertime applications of INSECT & DISEASE control treatments. Our tailored plan combats the active pests in each season while eliminating any existing problems. Applied directly to the foliage, this ensures the health of your trees and prevents future issues.

Spring & Fall Root Fertilization

Each year, SecureLawn will apply a Spring & Fall Root Fertilization treatment to your trees and shrubs. Fibrous feeder roots, where water and oxygen are most accessible, can be found in the top 2-8 inches of soil. These vital fertilization treatments are the primary source for nutrient distribution and will maintain a healthier, more vigorous landscape throughout the growing season.

TREE & SHRUB - Seven Series Maintenance Program includes:

1. SERIES I (Jan-Mar)

WINTER DORMANT OIL - This application is designed to smother over-wintering insects (i.e. aphids, mites, scale, etc.). This time-sensitive treatment is applied in the early part of the season prior to leaf or flower buds beginning to bloom.

2. SERIES II (Feb-Apr)

EARLY SPRING INSECTICIDE DRENCH - Drenching is a systemic treatment applied to the soil around the base of the plant and is pulled up through the root system. It provides deep, targeted treatment and is a useful way for professionals to apply insecticides to help prevent and reduce pest infestations. These treatments help reduce stress and unsightly damage caused by pests (i.e. aphids, Japanese beetles, lace bugs, whiteflies, etc.)

3. SERIES III (Apr-May)

SPRING ROOT FERTILIZATION - Our spring root fertilization helps plants recover from winter stress and helps maintain a healthier, more vigorous landscape throughout the growing season. This application contains a good source of fertilizers and micronutrients customized to provide your plants an effective food reserve. Proper plant nutrition helps defend against diseases, insects, and environmental stress.

4. SERIES IV (May-Jun)

SPRING INSECT & DISEASE CONTROL - This treatment is designed to control plant damaging insects and common disease problems. Treatments help reduce stress and unsightly damage caused by pests (i.e. mites, Japanese beetles, bagworms, tent caterpillars, etc.)

5. SERIES V (Jun-Aug)

SUMMER INSECT & DISEASE CONTROL - This treatment reduces plant stress caused by seasonal insects such as bagworms, lace bugs, beetles, and caterpillars plus the disease control element will provide general extended protection during the summer months.

6. SERIES VI (Sep-Nov)

FALL HORTICULTURAL OIL - This fall/pre-winter application targets late-season pest activity. This treatment provides protection by reducing the number of insects that seek refuge and over-winter in your trees and shrubs.


Our fall/pre-winter root fertilization helps your trees & shrubs recover from summer stress conditions and helps maintain a healthier, more vigorous landscape throughout the upcoming winter season. This application contains a good source of micronutrients customized to provide your plants an effective food reserve over-winter for active root system development. Again, proper plant nutrition helps defend against all kinds of “growing season” diseases, insects, and environmental stress conditions.

Tree & Shrub DISCLAIMER Service Statement

***Our SecureLawn TREE & SHRUB Service DISCLAIMER ***


Trees and Shrubs are susceptible to a variety of factors that cause damage. Therefore, SecureLawn provides NO GUARANTEE against plant death.

Our affordable SecureLawn TREE & SHRUB program is considered a Basic Maintenance Protection BMP program designed to reduce common insect populations, and minimize active fungal situations that are known to cause plant damage. Our fertilization treatments will enhance plant vigor, color, and overall health.

Other potentially damaging factors not addressed in our program include but are not limited to poor irrigation, improper plant material placement, plant maturity level, age, native vs. exotic, disease, special infestations, etc.

There are special treatments available that can help with some of these circumstances. Also, understand that some plant material may already have pre-existing environmental or health-related conditions including advanced decline or damage that may not recover with our treatments.

*** Please note the sections of your plant material that has already declined to the point of death or advanced damage before starting any service.

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