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Transform your business’s landscape and enhance its image with our professional fertilization, weed control, pest control, and other commercial services.

Enhance Your Company's Image Now With Our Commercial Services

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Your business, apartment complex, or HOA property deserves to have a stunning exterior, and our services can make that happen. Our SecureLawn commercial services experts specialize in providing high-quality commercial fertilization, weed control, pest control, and more to improve the look of your company’s property.

We understand how crucial a great first impression is and will work hard to create a beautiful landscape that will improve your credibility. Contact us today for top-notch service!

Our Approach

SecureLawn is devoted to delivering superior service and the healthiest lawn for your business! Each of our commercial clients has a designated contact who manages all the services provided by us – that way, you can receive fast and precise answers whenever you need them.

If you too think that superior service starts with great communication… We hear you!

Year-Round Services Include:

Fertilization & Weed Control –

To maintain an attractive green space, we use systematic methods to rid your commercial lawn of weeds every season of the year.

Tree & Shrub Care –

Safeguard your trees and shrubs from harmful insects and common plant diseases to ensure they flourish and maintain a top-notch healthy appearance.

Pest Control –

Ensure the comfort and safety of your customers by eliminating all unwanted, unwelcome pests like moles, grubs, mosquitoes, fleas & ticks by incorporating our select beneficial program services into your treatment schedule as well.

Our Commitment

We want to keep your business, apartment complex or HOA property looking its absolute best! We are dedicated to providing 100% satisfaction for all our customers, so you can trust that our commercial services will be completed to your total satisfaction.

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