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We come time after time, year after year until you tell us otherwise.

Our Company

SecureLawn, LLC is a locally owned lawn application company that is committed to providing Middle Tennessee residents with the highest quality products and services. Mark Lovinski, President and Owner, founded SecureLawn in 2003. Mark graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1992 and received his Masters degree in Environmental Management from West Virginia University.

Mark Lovinski

Owner – President
SecureLawn LLC

We began our operations as a division of a large agricultural chemical and seed company that provides services for farmers in the Mid-South area. We took the knowledge and expertise that we had gained in the farming community and began to focus on the home and business owners of Middle Tennessee.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the stunning transformations our team has created.

Our experiences have indicated that our exemplary customer service is what sets us apart in our industry. Our customers expect a fair price accompanied by great service. Simply stated, that’s what we provide. Quality and timely customer service is our primary focus at SecureLawn.

Our People

All of our applicators are professionally certified by the Department of Tennessee Agriculture and rigorous in-house training within our SecureLawn organization every week.

Since we are not a franchise, we empower each applicator with the flexibility to customize a plan to meet the specific needs of your lawn. Our professional applicators are incentivized in customer retention, not new business.

SecureLawn makes the whole process easy too, with online payment options, discounts, and pay-as-you-go programs. We are confident we have a program that will satisfy your needs.

Our SecureLawn Mantra

Neighborly Advice – Legendary Service

“Neighborly Advice & Legendary Service” is a guiding principle for our SecureLawn business as it embodies a set of values and behaviors that are essential to our success. Here’s what each element of the mantra means:

Neighborly Advice:

At SecureLawn, we aim to be good neighbors to our customers. We provide them with valuable advice, based on our knowledge and experience, to help them make informed decisions about their lawn care needs. This involves not only recommending the right services but also providing tips and suggestions to help customers maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn between visits.

Legendary Service:

Our goal is to provide exceptional service that exceeds our customers' expectations. We strive to be reliable, on time, and on schedule with all of our appointments, and we take pride in delivering professional and knowledgeable lawn care services that make a noticeable difference in the appearance of our customers' lawns. We are flexible and accommodating to meet the unique needs of each customer, and we always prioritize honesty and transparency in our communication.


We understand that our customers trust us to take care of their lawn and landscaping needs, and we take that responsibility seriously. We work hard to build working relationships and maintain trust with our customers through our actions, communication, and accountability. We are transparent about our services, pricing, and any issues that may arise, and we always prioritize the best interests of our customers.


We believe that clear and consistent communication is essential to providing excellent service. We are proactive in communicating with our customers about their service schedule, any changes or issues, and any recommendations we may have for their lawn care. We are always available to answer questions or address concerns, and we welcome feedback from our customers to help us improve our service.


We conduct ourselves with professionalism and integrity in all of our interactions with customers. This includes dressing appropriately, using professional language and demeanor, and respecting our customers' time and property. We are committed to providing a high-quality service that reflects positively on our business and our customers. Above all. We listen and hear you.


Our SecureLawn team is well-trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of lawn care, and we use that expertise to provide the best service possible. We keep up-to-date with the latest industry developments, techniques, and products, and we share that knowledge with our customers to help them make informed decisions about their lawn care.


We understand that our customers' needs may vary, and we are flexible in adapting our services to meet those needs. We offer a range of services and scheduling options to accommodate a variety of needs and preferences, and we are always willing to work with customers to find a solution that works for them.


We believe in honesty and transparency in all of our dealings with customers. We are upfront about our pricing, services, and any issues or challenges that may arise, and we always aim to find the best solution for our customers.


We view ourselves as partners with our customers in achieving their lawn care goals. We provide consulting services that help our customers understand their lawn needs and make informed decisions about care and maintenance. We offer recommendations for fertilization, weed control, pest management, and other services to help our customers achieve a healthy and beautiful lawn.


At SecureLawn, we care about our customers and their lawns. We take pride in delivering a high-quality service that enhances the beauty and health of our customers' lawns, and we are committed to providing exceptional service that exceeds our customers' expectations.


What People are saying about Us

unnamed (3)
We have had many of lawn services for over 20+ years at our home. This is the best so far. Their forst treatment we have noticed a significant difference. They do the neighbors, with the best yard, so we asked about them. I am very impressed so far.
Donnie Smart
unnamed (4)
Man, awesome customer service!! I have not used these guys yet, but I will come this Fall. Chad took my call and gave me two irrigation system referrals (Joey Alvarez, and Jonathon Dow). Also, Chad gave me a step-by-step on when to water my lawn, How is that for customer service!!
Lori Maignan
unnamed (2)
Brian came out to look at my lawn and he was so knowledgeable and very thorough. You can tell he genuinely has a passion for everything lawn and he cares about the connection with the customer and offering genuinely good advice. Beyond that, their process is so easy and seamless, they setup the schedule for when they’ll come out to service and I get billed electronically. Couldn’t be more easy! Good experience so far!
Jesus Leon
unnamed (1)
We have used SecureLawn for the past 2 years and I am continually impressed with their service and responsiveness! We get the mosquito treatment plan (among other services) and were having some trouble in between treatments; I called and was immediately helped! Thank you for going above and beyond!
April Scott
We love the folks at Securelawn. Not only are they the friendliest folks but super helpful and knowledgeable! Would definitely recommend working with them on your lawn care needs.
Adrian Alisha Heavrin

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