Mole Control

Moles can be an annoyance for many property owners due to the unsightly mounds and tunnels that they create in lawns.

Take Back Your Lawn – Protect it from Moles Year-Round!
We Can Help.

Put an End to Mole Digging & Get Ready to Enjoy a Damage-Free Lawn! Moles dig tunnels underground, which disrupts the beauty of your lawn, leaving unsightly mounds.

Active year-round, these pests’ primary diet is earthworms, however, they often feed off grubs, beetles, centipedes, millipedes, larvae, and a plethora of other insects living underground.

Don’t let moles wreak havoc on your property!

Our Mole Control Approach

Moles can often be spotted by tunnels they make under the surface of your lawn and piles of dirt they push up to form mounds.

Our SecureLawn Team is dedicated to getting rid of those pesky critters so that you don’t have to worry about them destroying your turf any longer.

Initial Evaluation

One of our SecureLawn Team members will inquire from you an understanding of your pest issue and its magnitude.

On-Site Assessment & Scheduling

Our SecureLawn certified specialist/technician upon arriving at your property will conduct a thorough assessment of the moles living there. Depending on what they discover, they’ll customize their approach to deal with the problem and schedule the necessary treatment accordingly.

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