Autumn Lawn Care Guide

Lawn Care Tips for Your Fall Yard

Autumn Lawn Care Guide 

Even though your grass will go dormant for the winter, you will want to perform some care tasks in autumn. Preparing your lawn for the coldest months of the year will pay off later. Following the below steps with your grass now will help your it give it a healthy beginning next spring. 

tips for having a healthy lawnRemove Fallen Leaves 

Leaving the leaves to linger around your lawn will only trap moisture and block the light, which can encourage diseases on the grass underneath. Don’t wait too long, once you spot leaves falling, rake or blow them away.

Aerate the Soil 

Loosening the soil is always helpful to improve the structure of your dirt. That will allow for more air, nutrients, and water to get to the grassroots easier. 

Mow to the Correct Height 

Every grass species has its specifications for mowing. The general thumb rule for doing it right throughout the fall season is to keep it at 2½- to 3-inch height. 

Apply Fertilizer 

Even though the leaves of your grass grow slowly, roots and rhizomes continue to grow quickly. That is why you should apply fertilizer. Do it until mid-to-late fall. This product will deliver the required nutrients for the grass to grow deep roots now and to keep those vital components on reserve for a healthy start next spring.  

Don’t Stop Watering 

Lawn Care

Fall rains help you with this task. But, keep an eye on the level of water. If the lawn is not getting one inch or more of moisture per week, you should water it. 

Weed Control 

Apply an herbicide or any other lawn weed control method now to stop weeds from returning in the spring. 

The end of summer does not mean your lawn needs less care in the fall. Contrary, it is a critical time to give it attention since it is absorbing moisture, energy, and nutrients to prepare for a dormant and long winter. 

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