Lawn Weeds: How to Keep Your Lawn Free of Poa Annua

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Controlling Poa Annua and Other Similar Annual Winter Grasses

Also known as annual bluegrass, this species is a weed that loves lawn. It is very challenging to control because it produces unsightly seeds that can stay dormant for several years before sprouting. On top of these, both annual and perennial species exist. There are two common methods to eliminate this common grass invader.

Methods to Control Grassy Weeds

Pre-Emergent Herbicides

Most of the time, grasses can be treated with pre-emergent herbicides. Just keep in mind, that sometimes after application, you may notice some weeds in your beautiful lawn. This is because the amount of pre-emergent herbicide may not have been properly calculated. Another reason is that some weeds may have already been rooted in your grass at the time of the first application, thus you would have to apply a post-emergent herbicide.

Post-Emergent Herbicides

When applying post-emergent herbicides be careful not to damage your turf in the process. Don’t forget that poa annua is a grass too. This means that it might be closely related to the turf species you have, and the chemicals may damage or kill your turf as well. Make sure to read labels carefully and choose products specially formulated to use on your type of grass. Or, contact experts in weed control to learn more about this technique.Methods to Control Grassy Weeds

More Poa Annua Preventive Tips

In the spring, this weed should be removed or controlled before it flowers and produces seed. If only a few plants are still lingering, you can remove them by hand.

Use mulch, as it acts as a barrier against this grassy invader, making it an effective control technique as it helps prevent seed germination by blocking sunlight from the soil.

Proper plant maintenance help plants to be well-prepared against weeds. So, make sure to properly space plants, water them deeply but not too frequently and give them the adequate nutrients properly.

Controlling or suppressing Poa annua takes the right products, the right approach, and most of all, knowledge of your turf.

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