Impact of Excess Rainfall on Trees and Shrubs

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Large Amounts of Water Damage to Your Trees & Shrubs

Over the past two weeks, we have been experiencing large amounts of rain throughout Tennessee.

Businesses and roads get shut down, farmers crops are affected, and garden trees and shrubs are not the expectation. Although plants need water to survive, heavy rain is never good news. The saturated soil creates a muddy mess that will affect your plant roots and other vital parts. Let’s take a look at the main damages caused by large amounts of rainfall during the last couple of weeks in Tennessee.Root Rot

Root Rot

Excess water in the soil will cause the root to decay. Symptoms include yellow leaves or stunted growth. Also, soft, brown roots are a red flag, as a healthy root system is firm and white. Don’t leave this problem unattended. Otherwise, it will kill your beautiful trees and shrubs.

Wet Weather Diseases

Bacterial and fungal diseases are encouraged by abundant rain. The symptoms include decay on leaves, spots on foliage, stunting stems or fruit, wilting and, in the worst-case scenario, the death of the entire tree or shrub.

The most common diseases include Anthracnose, black spot, iron chlorosis, fire blight, powdery mildew, apple scab, to mention a few.

The key to avoiding fungus and bacteria from damaging your plants is to provide good drainage and a healthy soil environment in which your plants can thrive.

Insufficient Blooms and FruitPoor Bloom and Fruiting

Extreme wet weather also discourages pollinators to come and visit your plants. Few pollinated blooms will negatively affect the fruit. In the worst case scenario, your plants will not produce fruits or vegetables. Many plants can pollinate using wind, but non-stop heavy rain can knock the pollen from the blooms and cause the flowers to fall off prematurely.

Overall, to prevent these problems from occurring, especially during the wet season, follow good gardening practices.

Stay tuned for more information about wet weather diseases.

Should you need help to recover your plants from any of the extreme wet weather damages, contact Secure Lawn. Our experts will happily assist you with all your concerns.

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