Why Should You Keep the Blades Sharp

Importance of Keeping Mower Blades Sharp

Sharp Blades and Other Good Mowing Practices

Ever wonder how to keep a green and healthier grass? Besides following good mowing practices there are other things you can do to make a perfect turfgrass.

1.  Sharpen Your Blades

Sharpen your blades at least two times a year. Even when you get new ones, you should sharpen them as most manufacturers sell them dull to avoid accidents at the store. Another approach is to keep a spare blade that you can simply change when needed.

2.  Cut to the Right Height

Good Mowing Practices
Mowing with sharp blades

As the hottest days approach cut your lawn high, 3.5” to 4”. This will encourage the roots of the plant to get deeper into the soil making more water available to the turfgrass. Also, keep in mind to never remove more than 1/3 of the grass when cutting it.

3.  Take Advantage of Clippings

You can mulch your clippings back onto the lawn to put essential nutrients back into the soil, provide protection of the root system, and hold moisture.

Why Should You Keep the Blades Sharp?

Beautiful Look

Blades that are not sharp enough will lead to a ragged cut grass that will make it look dull. Sharp blades will make a clean cut which will heal quickly and gives your lawn a green and idly clean look.

Minimize Potential Diseases

A blade that is not sharp enough will tear and rip at the grass. This causes it to have a white – yellow looking appearance. So, the damaged grass blades are susceptible to disease and insect attacks, leads to decoloration, and worst of all, it could also potentially lead to fungal growth.

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Green and healthy grass

Cutting your grass with sharp blades makes healthy grass as it reduces damage, stress, and produces an overall healthier, and good-looking lawn.

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