Now It’s Time to Turn on Your Irrigation Systems

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Importance of a Proper Watering Schedule

When freezing temperatures cease in Tennessee, and spring kicks in, it’s time to activate your sprinkler system. In this blog, we will show you the importance of performing this task and how to properly de-winterize and start up the irrigation system.

Confirm the Lawn in Not Frozen

With a shovel or spade, dig approximately 12 inches (30.48 centimeters) into the soil. If you come across frozen ground, wait a week or two before testing again. Never activate the sprinkler system while the ground is still frozen.

Start-Up the Control Panel

Turn on the control panel and pay attention to the current settings for date, time, and irrigation zones. If necessary, reprogram the controller for automatic watering. Replace the controller backup battery if it is more than one-year-old.

Avoid the ‘’Water Hammer’’ Effect

 watering in springTo avoid bursting the fittings and causing sprinklers to blow right out of the ground, fill the pipes first. Slowly open the shutoff valve that controls the water supply to the whole system. If you don’t have air pressure relief valves, remove the sprinkler heads located at the highest point of each zone. This will allow air to slowly be released when you turn on the water. Next, open the principal water valve slowly to avoid the uncontrolled flow of water. Stop when you hear the water begin to flow and wait for five minutes as water goes into the mainline. Continue by opening the valve just a few degrees every two minutes until it’s completely open. Repeat the same process if your system has several branch lines.

Inspect the Irrigation Zones

Test the irrigation of each of your zones using the control panel, one at a time. This will allow you to check that your spray patterns are receiving water where it is needed. With the sprinklers turned-off, adjust the nozzles if necessary. Finally, activate your full irrigation program for the last inspection. If you are satisfied with what you see, you are ready for your first lawn watering in spring!

Stay tuned for more tips to keep your lawn in top conditions all-year-round.

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