Prepare Now for Success in The Spring

What You Can Do Now to Prepare Your Lawn for The Spring

Getting your lawn ready for spring in Tennessee is easy with today’s tips. Early preparation can get your lawn in great shape now so that it can flourish in the spring and stay healthy and thriving through the spring and into the hotter summer months.


Springtime irrigation startup is a gradual process. Once it starts growing, ensure your lawn gets at least 1″ of water per week. Watering your lawn is best early in the day. Too much water will leave it wet, promoting fungi growth.watering in spring

Apply Pre-Emergent Weed Control and Fertilizers

Applying a pre-emergent weed control and fertilizers in early spring is crucial for your lawn. This task must be done before the soil temperatures reach 55 °F to 60 °F. Otherwise, the weed seeds will have already begun to germinate, and the product will no longer be effective against annual weed or crabgrass. Also, we recommend using organic fertilizers like compost and mulching mowers to reduce the number of chemicals in the soil.

Prepare for Mowing Season with Sharp Blades

Mowing is important for your lawn’s health and aesthetics. However, to successfully mown it you need to sharpen the blades every month or two. Otherwise dull blades will only rip grass blades instead of cutting them cleanly, leaving grass susceptible to diseases. If your blades are bent or nicked, replace them with new ones.spring mowing

Start your season off right by performing these activities. And if prepping your lawn for spring is too much work, you can leave it to the professionals at Secure Lawn.

Hiring our lawn care contractor can help to save your nights and weekends for more enjoyable springtime activities. At Secure lawn, we can get your lawn ready for spring with our lawn care services in Tennessee. Call us at to 615-893-8455 to speak with a turf specialist.



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