Simple Guide for Mowing Bermuda And Fescue Grass

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Bermuda and Fescue Grass Care

Just like your hair, you need to cut grass for it to be beautiful and in top condition. Common grass species such as bermudagrass and fescues can be used as turfgrass. The first one has a fine-to-medium texture, it performs well in warm climates, and it is very tolerant to extreme drought. Because of these characteristics, bermudagrass tends to invade other grasses, including fescues, if not managed properly. Tall fescues are perennial cool-season grasses that have relatively fine leaves and can provide a green lawn all year-round. Here is how you properly mow these two type of turfgrass.

Mowing Steps

The general rule of thumb is to only remove one-third of a grass plant in one mowing. For example, if you’re mowing your grass at 2 inches, mow it before it exceeds 3 inches. To measure the height, use your mower. Set-up the wheels to the same height. Next, station it on a flat area, measure and write down the distance between the blade and the ground.

Sharpen Blades

grass careHaving sharp blades is crucial for effective mowing. Make sure your blade is sharp enough before starting the process. Replace it if necessary. Dull blades will rip the grass ends rather than cutting them which leaves you with a tan or brownish tint lawn.

Mowing Tall Fescue Grass

Most of tall fescues growth occurs during the spring and fall months, and it grows better when mowed at 2 to 2.5 inches. Mowed fescues at 3 inches to promote root growth and discourage weed invasion. Use a rotary mower and cut the grass often enough to give the lawn an even textured finish.

Mowing Bermudagrass

Cut bermudagrass at a height of 1 to 1 1.5 inches. Use a rotary mower and start mowing at a 1-inch height in spring and gradually increase the height when summer arrives. Overall, mow the grass when it reaches 3 inches tall. Don’t neglect to mow your grass, especially bermudagrass, as it will invade other areas in a blink of an eye.

Want a Great Looking Lawn?

Besides mowing your grass to keep it looking great, you need to perform other maintenance tasks such as pest control, aeration, seeding among others.

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