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sport series

SecureLawn Sports Turf Management is designed to cater to all budgets. Our goal is to provide a safe natural grass playing surface for all levels of athletes, not just the elite. Properly maintained playing surfaces helps protect these athletes from injury and they also provide beautiful fields for the fans for a great game day experience.

Overuse of many sports fields in our area can cause unsafe playing conditions. It is very important to establish a turf maintenance plan that meets the needs of your school’s or organizational budget. We can customize a plan for almost any budget. Services provided include:



The benefits of this process include better air exchange, increased infiltration, stimulated root growth, and thatch control. Our pressure controlled ride on aerators allow for penetration of up to 6”. These units allow for customized hole spacing, size and depth. This process is key to natural turf maintenance.

Chemical Application

Similar to our SevenSeries lawn maintenance program for residential and commercial properties, we can customize a pro-active spray treatment program to meet your expectations and budget. Our applicators are licensed to apply herbicides, including specialty herbicides, for optimal results.


Our fertilization program is tailored to the needs of each playing surface. Soil tests enable us to monitor the nutrient level of the soil to ensure that turf grass growth is optimal. Our methods of application are achieved through spray and granular techniques that maximize uniform distribution.  


Overseeding Rye grass in the early fall (September/October) will result in a field with improved appearance and playability during periods when the Bermuda grass is dormant.



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