Protect Trees and Shrubs From Winter Pests

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Your trees and shrubs might be dormant over the winter, but that doesn’t mean they’re invulnerable to pests. If you want to greet springtime with a happy and healthy garden, then you need to make a plan to deal with winter garden pests. There are a variety of products that can be applied to your garden to help with tree & shrub winter maintenance. Make sure you look for products that are child-safe and pet-safe. Don’t make the mistake of going overboard with the chemicals. Look for a low-impact solution that gets the job done. Here’s what you need to know.

Beware of These Insects And Pests

Protect your shrubs from winter garden pests with expert lawn care maintenance.

During the winter, there are several specific pests that are likely to infest your garden. These include aphids, mites, and scale bugs. They nibble away at your plants and destroy both the beautiful parts and the practical parts of your plants. To protect yourself against these winter garden pests, make sure you work with a lawn care technician who understands how to deal with these specific pests. It’s not enough to simply spray your garden with an intense chemical. You need someone who understands the different types of plants in your garden and the behaviors of each pest.

Work With A Professional Lawn Care Technician

For the best way to protect your garden, get a professional to handle your tree & shrub winter maintenance. After all, you work the rest of the year on weeding and watering to keep your garden looking gorgeous. Share the burden with a professional lawn technician in the wintertime. They can bring in the tools and expertise that you may not have, and they can get the job done quicker. There’s nothing odd about bringing a trained professional into your garden to help you combat winter garden pests

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