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We only use “Top Quality” products and we do not cut corners to save money. We only apply “Kid and Pet Safe” products that do not stain. Due to our lower overheads and not having to pay excessive franchise fees, our pricing is very competitive. We also offer flexible payment schedules as well as pre-pay discounts.

Each customer is assigned a professional licensed lawn care technician who has the flexibility to customize our program to meet the needs of your lawn. If for some reason you are not pleased with a particular service or product, you have direct access to the owner of SecureLawn who is available to meet with you on your lawn.


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Series I - Winter

Winter Dormant Oil

Winter:  January – March

This application is designed to smother over-wintering insects (i.e. aphids, mites, scale, etc). This time-sensitive treatment is applied in the early part of the season prior to leaf or flower buds beginning to bloom.

Series II - Early Spring

Early Spring Insecticide Drench

Early Spring:  February – April

Drenching is a systemic treatment applied to the soil around the base of the plant and is pulled up through the root system.  It provides deep, targeted treatment and is a useful way for professionals to apply insecticides to help prevent and reduce pest infestations.  These treatments help reduce stress and unsightly damage caused by pests (i.e. aphids, Japanese beetles, lace bugs, whiteflies, etc).

Series III - Spring I

Spring Root Fertilization

Spring:  March-May

Our spring root fertilization helps plants recover from winter stress and helps maintain a healthier, more vigorous landscape throughout the growing season. This application contains a good source of fertilizers and micronutrients customized to provide your plants an effective food reserve.  Appropriate plant nutrition helps defend against diseases, insects, and environmental stress.

Series IV - Spring II

Spring Insect Control

Spring:  March-May

This treatment is designed to control plant damaging insects. Treatments help reduce stress and unsightly damage caused by pests (i.e. mites, Japanese beetles, bagworms, tent caterpillars, etc).

Series V - Summer

Summer Insect Control

Summer:  June–August

This treatment reduces plant stress caused by seasonal insects such as bagworms, lace bugs, beetles, and caterpillars.

Series VI - Early Fall

Fall Horticultural Oil

Fall:  September–November

This fall / early winter application targets late-season pest activity.  This treatment provides protection by reducing the number of insects that seek refuge and over-winter in your trees and shrubs.



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