Preparing the Soil for a New Lawn Installation

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How to Prep the Soil for a New Lawn Installation

Proper soil improvement and preparation before planting your new lawn will make it easier for the grassroots to go evenly. So your grass will be more resistant to drought and will use water and nutrients more efficiently to provide you with a denser new plant. A thick grass won’t let weeds in, and it will resist disease and insects. Here is how you prepare your soil for insulating a new lawn.

Remove Debris and Rocks

Clear the area of all rocks, stones, building materials (bricks, cement, wood, among others), as well as any buried stumps, or other debris that is larger than three inches in diameter.

Get Rid of Existing Vegetation

Killing what is already in place will diminish the competition of weeds and other invaders with the new grass. You can use a glyphosate weed killer for the most effective results.

laying down a new lawnTill the Soil

Tilling is essential to reduce compaction and makes it easier for the roots to penetrate and develop into the soil. Plus, this will translate into a reduction of the water quantity they need to grow and reduce the seeds’ effort to thrive. Rototill the ground to a depth of at least six inches.

Rake the Soil

Raking the soil will eliminate lingering dead vegetation that was left behind by the rototiller. Remove these organic materials to keep the sod from drying out. Rake and lightly roll the soil to achieve a firm surface. Once you finish the grade, water the ground for a couple of days to prevent any settling, and then you are ready for sod.


A new lawn requires a lot of essential nutrients to develop its new root system. That is why adding fertilizer and making amendments into your soil is critical for it to grow quickly and healthy.

Hire Lawn Professionals

Secure Lawn can help to install your new lawn. We provide two options for installation: seeding or sodding. Our equipped lawn experts will handle all of your lawn prep needs. Please visit our website to learn about our lawn services, or call us at 615-893-8455 to speak with one of our experts.

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