Planting a New Lawn

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How to Install a New Lawn

On a previous blog, we have talked about the task you have to perform before laying down a new lawn. Once you finish getting the soil ready, its time to seed your new lawn. If you want to embark on this affair, here are some simple steps to make the installation easy so your grass can grow flawlessly.

Lay the Sod

laying down a new lawnBefore starting, measure your lawn area. In general, a lawn will need ten percent more sod than the exact size of the area. Then, it is crucial to follow the right planting pattern and not to spread the sod randomly. It is critical to cover the whole area completely, starting with the perimeter.

Next, lay a straight line right down the middle of the lawn. Lay the longest straight away to keep your seams aligned as you lay down the sod and eliminate waste. Continue with the rest of the area by laying the sod in a brick formation by staggering the seams. Once you finish filling in all the areas, cover the sod with a thin layer of soil to help keep them from drying out and washing away. Lastly, water your grass four times a day after installed for seven minutes per cycle during the day.

Maintaining Your Lawn

When your new grass reaches three inches, it is time to cut it. Remove no more than the top one-third of the grass blades when you mow. Avoid cutting it too short, and also minimize as much as foot traffic within the first three weeks of installation.

Should you need help to install a new lawn in your Tennessee home, contact Secure Lawn. Our experts will lay down a beautiful and strong lawn that will provide years of enjoyment for your friends and family!

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