Plant New Shrubs And Trees Now To Enjoy Next Spring

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Did you know that fall is one of the best times to plant new greenery? Many people think that because it is the end of the growing season, they should focus on winter prep instead of planting trees. While this is partially true, you should also take advantage of this time and grow some plants you want to see bloom the following year. 

Fall Is Ideal For Planting When The Shrubs Are Dormant

The fall is such a great time for planting trees and other larger plants because they are dormant. They do not need to suck out nutrients from the soil, and thus they will settle into the ground and not be trying to survive. When you plant trees and shrubs in the fall, the plants have time to adjust to the soil, and once spring rolls around, they will start to take into the ground deeper and start growing as soon as the season begins. It also gives their roots time to grow as the soil is warmer than the air. 

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Fall is a perfect time to plant trees and shrubs.

How To Plant Trees And Shrubs In Fall

When you plant trees and shrubs in the fall, you need to make sure you are doing the following:

  1. Always wrap the branches and leaves in burlap as this protects them from the cold. 
  2. Always make sure the hole is very large so that you can cover up the roots entirely with soil.
  3. Pick a spot that they will thrive in come summer.

During the winter, the soil remains much warmer than you would think, and during this time, the root system will grow. Once the roots are established and the warm weather hits, the trees and shrubs will be growing exceptionally quickly. 

At Secure Lawn, we can help you make the right decisions regarding planting trees, so contact our experts today. 

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