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How to Pest-Proof Your Backyard This Summer?

Pest Protection Services in Tennessee

Tennessee residents love outdoor activities, summer picnics and BBQ’s in the yard. Plus, opening our home to fresh, warm breezes are evidence of perfect summer weather. However, you need to take precautions, otherwise pesky insects will put a damper on your fun.

Pest protection services will make sure no ants, flies, mosquitoes, or any other insect or arachnid ruins all your summer activities. Here is how to pest-proof your backyard this summer.

Trees & Shrubspest control

  • Inspect your trees and shrubs for signs of pest infestation, and physically remove them whenever it is possible.
  • Insects like Japanese beetles and bagworm are more common in the summer.
  • Apply a foliar spray to protect your plants from insects and disease with fertilization, when required.


  • Mow your lawn and weed your bed gardens to reduce spots for critters to hide and make their new home.
  • Apply a liquid fertilizer, micro-nutrients, and spot treatments for broadleaf weed control.
  • Use insecticides specially designed to target common summer pests such as ants, chinch bugs, armyworms, sod webworms, and white grubs.

Besides the above actions, professionals in the field encourage homeowners to adopt good practices concerning soil management, turfgrass selection, exclusions through sanitation and prevention, and appropriate cultural practices. hire a professional outdoor pest control companyHire a professional outdoor pest control company for better results.

Secure Lawn Helps Protect Your Yard

Pest control services offered by Secure Lawn come in 7 Series of steps to control pests, not only during summer but throughout the year. This will ensure your lawn, trees, and shrubs remain healthy and thriving. We will customize your applications to prevent harm from damaging insects, protect against diseases and infestations and strengthen the roots of your plants during dormant seasons. We only use high-quality products to give your lawn, trees, and shrubs the best care they deserve. Call us at 615-893-8455 or click here to learn more.



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