Managing Heat Stress on Lawns

Don’t Let Heat Stress Ruin Your Lawn

Managing Heat Stress on Lawns

Here is some expert advice on how to diagnose and manage heat stress on your lawn in the summer.

Common Indicators of Heat Stress

Common Indicators of Heat StressGhost Prints

If you walk on your lawn and the grass remains flat and does not bounce back right away, your lawn is drying out and needs water.


Discoloration is never good news. Brownish grass blades or tips is a positive indicator that your turf is struggling. Apply water according to the species of grass you have and check if the color improves. If your grass continues to look dull, contact your lawn experts, as you may be facing another type of problem.


Try pushing a screwdriver into the surface of your lawn. If it proves difficult, then the soil requires extra water.

Treating Stressed Grass

If your lawn indeed needs help, do not wait until it is too late. Take the following actions to help it recover as quickly as possible.

  • heat stress on your lawn

    Avoid compacting the soil further. This means no kids playing in the yard or any other activities that mean heavy traffic in your yard.

  • Water deeply, but sparingly (two to three times per week).
  • Check the quantities of fertilizer you are using to avoid damage.
  • If the drought is severe enough, let it go dormant.
  • If you have a newly-planted lawn, don’t let it go dormant.
  • Keep your mower blade sharp and refrain from mowing too low.
  • Provide light nutrition in the form of fertilizer to help your lawn recover.

Don’t forget that performing seasonal lawn care is an essential part of maintaining greener and healthy grass all year round!

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