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No Seeding This Time of Year!

Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lawn During Summer

For Secure Lawn experts, we seed predominantly with Fescue which is a cool season grass.  The heat and humidity of summer is not a  good growing environment for these seeds. Also, when seeding, we cannot do weed control at the same time since this will hinder the seeds from germinating properly. Homeowners tend to fill “brown” areas with new seed, which is not the best overall treatment for the yard! So, what should you do to maintain healthy grass throughout the hottest days of the year?

Need Help with Your LawnHere are some tips to avoid having the hot weather ruin your green grass.


Keeping your blades sharp is the best barrier against diseases. Poor blades will only bring problems to your lawn, making it look unhealthy and dull. Another trick is to mow high. Longer grass promotes the growth of longer roots, which can improve the hydration of your lawn. This means that it can reach down for moisture even on dry, hot days. Just set your mower on one of the highest settings.


The key is to avoid over-fertilization, simply because an excess of nutrients can ‘’burn’’ your beautiful grass. To determine how much fertilizer to purchase for each treatment, contact reliable lawn contractors.


Maintain a Healthy Lawn During Summer

Just like any other plant, your precious lawn needs watering. We highly recommend daily watering mostly during the morning. This will ensure that most of the moisture will not evaporate immediately and also prevent your grass from being damp for too long. Plus, leaving your lawn wet overnight will create a perfect environment for fungal disease growth.


Of course, invaders are never good news. It pays off to walk your lawn at least once a week to find any weeds and remove them as soon as possible.

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