Caring For Your Fruit Trees to Prevent Winter Pests

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If you have fruit trees, then you’ll want to take steps now to help them survive the winter. From clearing debris to pruning them, here are a few basic fruit tree care tips to prevent winter pests.

Steps to Getting Your Fruit Trees Winter-Ready

The first thing that many people forget to do is clear away any rotten fruit or leftover buds. You may think that fallen fruit is helpful, providing a food source for the local wildlife or even fertilizing the soil. Unfortunately, old fruit is simply not helpful for the tree. The rotten fruit starts to smell and it can attract the wrong kinds of pests. You’ll also want to clear leaves and other debris from around the tree trunk. Both fruit and dried leaves can house bugs and pests, so get rid of them as soon as possible. 

Are your fruit trees ready for winter?

Pruning Fruit Trees in Winter While Dormant

If you have fruit trees in your garden, they may need to be pruned during their dormant winter months. If you’re concerned about proper pruning technique, reach out to Secure Lawn for help. We’re experts in fruit tree care. We know how to prune just the right amount to ensure that your trees keep producing fruit the next season. 

Talk to us about the best way to care for your fruit trees in the winter months! We love helping gardens flourish all year round, and we’d be happy to give you an estimate for fruit tree care or other winter lawn maintenance. If you’re already observing some signs of pests in your garden, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can take quick action to salvage your yard and leave it with the nutrients and tidiness that will lead to a fruitful springtime.

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