What Is Best, Seed or Sod?

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Deciding Between Laying Sod or Planting Seeds

When it comes to achieving that green lawn of your dreams, you have two ways to go, either lay sod or plant seeds. Our turf specialists will share with you the most critical aspects of each method so you can make an informed decision.


Transplanting mature turf that has been grown by another person. It can be rolled out like a rug. It cost more than seeding because someone else has already taken the time to grow the grass for you.

Benefits of Sod

  • Benefits of SodSod can be installed anytime in the growing season
  • Immediate gratification, as it instantly looks like a finished lawn
  • Direct erosion control on slopes or areas with erosion problems
  • Fast establishment as it takes around two weeks to root well and become established

Laying sod is a great option for those homeowners who don’t have enough time to invest in turf maintenance.


This means growing grass from seed. The process involves planting and sprouting your own grass.

Benefits of Grass Seed

  • Benefits of Grass SeedLower initial cost and labor investment, as you won’t pay for workmanship
  • Stronger root system established at the beginning than sod
  • Variety of grass choices to select that best accommodate to the growing conditions, which complement your environmental and ecological values and preferences

Whether you establish your new lawn from seed or sod, both approaches lead to green, healthy, sustainable lawns. The key is the soil. The soil preparation will pay off the investment, and increase your odds of having a thriving lawn.

Should you need help to decide which option is best for your lawn needs, contact Secure Lawn. Our lawn specialist has been providing middle Tennessee residents with the highest quality products and services for more than 15 years.

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