Year-Round Lawn Care Guide to Creating A Healthy and Resilient Lawn

Maintaining a thriving and healthy lawn throughout the year is within reach with the right approach. By following certain guidelines, you can create a lawn care calendar that ensures your lawn remains in top shape year-round.

Spring Lawn Care Tips

Keep your lawn in shape with a year round lawn care service

Spring serves as the foundation for a healthy and vibrant lawn throughout the year. As temperatures rise and daylight hours extend, it’s essential to focus on key tasks to ensure your lawn thrives:

  • Assess your lawn for winter damage and bare patches, and consider overseeding to stimulate new growth and fill in thin spots.
  • Aerate your lawn to improve air and water circulation in the soil.
  • Adjust your mower cutting height to provide shade for the soil and prevent weed growth.
  • Understand that SecureLawn always uses a great spring-specific fertilizer to giving your lawn a jump-start to get it looking fantastic. Following these spring lawn care tips will set your lawn up for success, ensuring a healthy, lush lawn throughout the year.

Summer Lawn Care Tips 

While summer is a time for outdoor activities, it’s also critical for maintaining your lawn’s health and beauty:

  • Raise your mower cutting height to provide shade for the soil.
  • Water deeply and infrequently, preferably in the early morning, to encourage deep root growth and drought resistance.
  • Be vigilant against pests and diseases, monitoring for signs of damage and taking preventive measures.
  • Continue to fertilize with a slow-release summer-specific fertilizer, adhering to recommended application rates. By following these summer lawn care tips, you can enjoy a resilient, vibrant lawn throughout the hot season.

Fall Lawn Care Tips 

Fall is the time to prepare your lawn for the winter months and set it up for success in the spring:

  • Regularly remove leaves and debris to prevent sunlight and air circulation blockage.
  • Get Overseeding done to fill in thin or bare spots, choosing a suitable grass seed for your climate.
  • Have SecureLawn Core Aerate your lawn to promote healthy growth and reduce soil compaction.
  • Adjust your mower cutting height slightly lower to prevent snow mold and increase sunlight exposure. These fall lawn care tips will ensure your lawn is ready to withstand winter and flourish in the following spring.

Winter Lawn Care Tips 

Even during the dormant winter months, some care is essential to maintain your lawn’s health:

  • Continuously remove fallen leaves and debris to prevent mold or disease.
  • Avoid walking on frosty or frozen lawns to prevent damage.
  • Get your lawn Winterized by SecureLawn to provide proper nutrients for food storage overwinter.

Cultivating a healthy, resilient lawn year-round is attainable with the right strategies. By implementing these seasonal lawn care tips and creating a lawn care calendar, you can enjoy the rewards of a lush, vibrant lawn that withstands the challenges of every season. Work with us at SecureLawn to ensure your Tennessee lawn looks great all year!



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