With the spirit of the Olympics just behind us we witnessed many record-breaking events.

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Not to be outdone, Middle Tennessee experienced a record-breaking event that stood since 1950, consecutive number of nights with temperatures exceeding 70 degrees. For us Fescue lovers, this is not a record that we are excited about breaking. Optimal growing temperatures for Fescue grass is between 60-75 degrees, so when our nights are this hot, the Fescue will stress and be more susceptible to disease and weeds. Like the Olympics, maintaining a Fescue lawn in Middle Tennessee requires a TEAM effort. While we typically recommend to seed and core aerate Fescue lawns every year, this year is critical to ensure your lawn properly recovers. Due to the severity of the weather these recent months and the damage it has caused our Fescue lawns, we are anticipating a higher than normal number of seeding and aeration jobs. Please call ASAP to schedule your seeding and aeration and take advantage of our early sign-up discount offer.

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