How to Care for the Lawn in Winter

Winterizing Your Lawn and Garden to Prepare for Spring

The process to winterize your lawn or garden should ideally begin before the first freeze of the winter sets in. Usually, winterizing your lawn is done between August and November. Before you start, you will need to familiarize yourself with the needs of your plants, the flowers that grow in your lawn, and the weeds and shrubs as well.

What Does It Mean to Winterize Your Lawn? And How Do You Do It?

Landscaping during winter is an equally important task

Whether you live in an area with mild winters or harsher ones like in Tennessee, landscaping is an equally important task – regardless of the size of your garden or lawn. For a greener, healthier lawn, you need to ensure it’s fertilized at the right time, mowed to the right size, and aerated.

  • Mow the Lawn: Ideally, you should mow your lawn before everything freezes. You should also cut it shorter than usual, especially if it will be buried in ice for the next few months. If you don’t mow your lawn, there’s a risk that mold can grow in it.
  • Blow the Fall Leaves: Winterizing your lawn usually happens right after fall and before full-blown winter kicks in. So, blow those fallen leaves over and clear the surface of the soil.
  • Fertilize: Consult a specialist and pick the right type of winter fertilizer for your garden’s soil. Winterizing your lawn 101.
  • Aerate That Soil: You can use special tools to aerate the soil in your lawn or garden. Start by removing multiple narrow cylinders of soil from the ground. Leave them out to decompose and be reabsorbed into the soil. This allows the soil to absorb more nutrients and also promotes the growth of the roots.

It’s time to winterize your lawns, folks. Do it before everything is covered feet deep in snow.

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