Why You Never Want to Scalp Your Lawn

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Maintaining Proper Lawn Care

You want your yard to look lush and vibrant. This will boost your property’s curb appeal and make it a positive contributor to the appearance of your neighborhood. However, maintaining your lawn requires some work and commitment. You need to be careful when managing your lawn care. Otherwise, you could cause some damage to your grass which may be irreversible or take longer to recover.

What is Scalping?

Scalping is a term that applies when you’ve cut or mowed your grass too intensely. This leaves just the stem of your yard’s grass blades left. You need to avoid scalping lawn grass because it could leave the leaves weakened. If your grass leaves are weak, they will be more susceptible to pest infestations and the growth of weeds around your lawn. This will impact the appearance and health of your yard.

mow lawn

Avoid scalping your lawn. You’ll end up with lovely green grass covering your yard.

Avoid Scalping Lawn Grass

There are some lawn care tips you can follow to avoid scalping lawn grass. Here is what you should do:

  • Cut your lawn regularly. Consider following a schedule like once or twice a week when your lawn requires being mowed.
  • Identify uneven areas in your lawn and fill them. You can seek professional aeration and seeding services to effectively promote grass growth.
  • Maintain your mower so its blades are sharp, leading to precise grass cutting and avoiding tearing grass leaves.
  • Understand the grass species in your lawn and learn its recommended growth height.

By being attentive and maintaining your lawn care, you can avoid scalping lawn grass. You’ll end up with a beautiful yard full of healthy green grass that grows consistently without any patch formations. For more advanced lawn care assistance and services, it’s best to rely on professionals who understand grass species and will avoid scalping your lawn.

With the help of Secure Lawn, you will have a luscious lawn full of beautiful green grass that will have onlookers pausing to admire. Contact us today to start your lawn care journey. 

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