Why Are There So Many Ladybugs This Year?

The Beneficial Critters that Can Become a Pest

The Asian ladybugs found in the USA were introduced in the country to try and control pesky aphids, particularly the ones that were chowing down on our soybean crops. In your garden, they eat aphids and other insects in your trees and shrubs. However, this species reproduces fast and becomes a nuisance in late fall and winter when they prepare to hibernate. Country areas, wooded industrial and residential areas are especially prone to having severe infestation problems.

How Can I Get Ladybugs Out Of My HouseSo, in spite of their beneficial function in controlling aphids, we are seeing a lot of them because it’s finally starting to get cooler and large quantities of these beetles are looking for some warmth. When temperatures start to cool down, they will go looking for a place to hibernate. As such, they are attracted to light colored homes and heat that the homes reflect. Once ladybugs have intruded your home, they are hard to eliminate.

How Can I Get Them Out of My House?

If they are already in, and there not many, just leave them. They will go away when spring arrives. Do not disturb them, as these little critters release a small amount of a yellowish fluid and produce a foul odor when they sense danger. But, if you still want to get them out of your house, you can use a “shop vacuum.” This type of device is easy to use to collect ladybugs. Make sure to use a clean bag or pad the bottom with a cloth. After they have been removed, release the beetles outside.

Perimeter Pest Control

If you are serious about how to eradicate Asian ladybugs efficiently, seek professional pest control help to treat the perimeter of your home or building with a residual spray in the spring and fall.  A licensed pest management technician, like those from SecureLawn, will also help find the source of the problem and implement integrated pest management techniques to help eliminate the pests, monitor for them, and prevent them from returning.

At SecureLawn, we offer a Perimeter Pest Protection treatment which creates a barrier around your home to help keep bugs from invading as the weather gets colder.professional pest control company

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