Green Lawn

Understanding How to Care for Your Lawn

Steps to a Healthier Lawn

With adequate care, your lawn will look amazing despite endless hours of blazing sun and barefoot traffic. The trick is knowing the right way to take care of your turfgrass. Find out our simple lawn maintenance steps of a healthier lawn, they are easy to follow.

Aerate the Lawn

The objective of aerating your lawn is to minimize compaction of the soil. Apply this practice annually, and preferably in the fall or spring. You can rent a gas-powered aerator for this procedure, or hire lawn experts to help you with this task. Aeration encourages life-giving air, water, and nutrients to reach right down to the grass’s roots.

Feed and Water the Grass

Use turf fertilizer periodically throughout the year; follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Water it according to its specific needs and season of the year. Pay special attention during periods of heat and drought or avoid dehydration or excess water that will lead to unwanted damages.

Get Rid of Invaders

Weeds compete with your grass for sun and nutrients. Just pull them out if there are only a few of these invaders. Otherwise, you should apply an eco-friendly way of removing weeds from your lawn.

Mow Your Grass Correctly

Lawn Care TechnicianCutting the lawn the right is critical for having a lush, green, and robust lawn all year round. The trick is to know the species of grass you have installed and its requirements. As a general rule of thumb, you should just cut off about ⅓ of the grass height. Remember to use sharp blades to avoid damaging the plant.

Remove Organic Debris

An excess of thatch (organic debris) found between grass blades and roots, is the culprit of dead spots in turf, leaving exposed spaces for invader plants to take over. Examine the lawn for a 1″ layer of thatch. You can employ a power dethatcher or a thatching rake to remove this material.

Overseed Your Lawn

Spread grass seed on open areas. For cool-season grass, the best time of the year to overseed your lawn is as soon as spring begins or early fall. While early summer is optimum for warm-season grass.

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