Tick, Flea, and Mosquito Control with Professional Lawn Care

A well-manicured lawn, tended to by a professional, includes a pest control regimen. This includes insects that eat your plants, and also pests that bother people and pets. When looking for professional lawn care, ask whether or not they provide a pest control plan.

For dog owners, flea and tick control in the yard is a must. For enjoyable evenings in the backyard, mosquito control should also be considered. These pests tend to be worst in the late spring through early summer. For those who enjoy being outside in the warmer months throwing backyard barbecues, birthday parties, and get-togethers, hiring professional lawn care services with pest control is highly recommended. The alternative is spending days scratching afterward from all the bug bites.

Tips for minimizing pesky bugs

Before and between pest treatments, there are things you can do to reduce mosquitoes and ticks in your garden and yard.

Mosquitoes start their life in water. Eliminating standing water in your yard will get rid of potential mosquito breeding pools.

  • Clean your gutters to eliminate puddles. This will also help with draining water from the roof, and is generally a good practice.
  • Turn buckets and empty planters upside down. Anything that collects water is a potential breeding ground for mosquitos. If you have areas in your yard that develop puddles after it rains, fill these in, too.
  • Cover any water collection containers. This includes water barrels for collecting rainwater, as well as watering cans you leave filled. By keeping them covered, you minimize the chances of mosquitos laying eggs in the water. Consider whether or not the water is essential. If not, empty the containers.
  • Get rid of the birdbath.

Ticks live on the ground and prefer plenty of ground cover. Make your lawn an unappealing place for ticks by keeping the lawn well maintained. Rake up fallen leaves regularly and mow the lawn often so it doesn’t get too long.

Secure Lawn has a three to five week plan for mosquito, tick and flea control. Call today for an estimate.



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