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Following These Steps, Will Turn Your Lawn into a Healthy Lawn

The right lawn care practices are crucial to having a healthy lawn. We have put together some simple lawn care steps for helping homeowners turn their yard into healthier and greener grass.

Apply Water Wisely

homeownersMost lawns need around one inch of water each week to retain their health and attractive appearance. To determine if your grass needs water, step on it. If the grass springs back when stepped on, it means that it is well-hydrated grass. Contrary, dry grass will stay depressed, meaning that it may need water.

So, lawn experts recommend to water deeply three times per week, and perform this task as early in the morning as you can – between 4:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

Apply the 1/3 Rule

That means to mow high (typically the top third) rather than low. If you mow short, the sun will reach weeds, helping them grow, putting your grass under stress until they kill your lawn. Also, it will make your grass grow unevenly, making it grow faster, thus, adding to the number of necessary mowing.

Sharpen the Blades

Dull blades will pull apart the top of a blade of grass, leaving a damaged leaf that makes the lawn susceptible to disease and pests. So, remember to sharpen the edges at least three times a season to maintain a clean cut.

Other good practices include building healthy and organic soil by applying seeding and aeration, using non-toxic essential-oil-based sprays such as cedar or neem, and minimizing insect habitat.

Reuse Garden and Lawn Trimmings to Your Benefit

outside gardenRather than bagging your clippings, mulch them into your yard. The cuttings are not only an excellent source of nitrogen and other nutrients, but also help to maintain biological activity in the soil. That means you will naturally get extra nutrients for your lawn. Plus, you will reduce the usage of plastic bags, which in turn helps the environment.

Lawn specialists can help you with determining your specific lawn needs and provide you with more tips for your outside garden.

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