The Importance of Aerating Your Lawn

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Lawn maintenance is a comprehensive, year-round responsibility. It’s not as simple as taking care of what’s on the surface. Mowing is not enough to keep your lawn looking amazing. The best way to keep your lawn looking great is to practice aeration. Aerating a lawn isn’t as hard as you might think, but it is time-consuming. Here’s what you need to know.

What is aeration?

The basic premise of aeration is that it’s a process of breaking up compacted soil. This stops your lawn from suffocating, allowing much-needed oxygen and water to soak into the root zone of your lawn. Doing aeration can lead to thicker, healthier grass. Isn’t that amazing? It’s a process that can be done manually, but most people use machines and a hired professional for aerating a lawn. No matter the size of your lawn, aerating is important. It’s a great complement to other lawn maintenance techniques, too.

With proper care and maintenance you will have healthy grass all year long.

Keep your lawn looking amazing by practice aerating and overseeding.

Aeration creates the perfect conditions for overseeding

There’s another important benefit to aeration. The oxygenation process creates prime conditions for overseeding a lawn. In other words, by providing oxygen and water to your lawn, you increase the chances that your lawn will accept healthy new grass in the patchy spots when you overseed. Don’t overlook this important part of lawn maintenance. There’s no sense in tossing seed on the bald spots and hoping that they take. That’s a sure way to waste money and waste time. Instead, incorporate aeration into your lawn maintenance tasks. You’ll reap the benefits when it’s time for overseeding. Your neighbors even might notice, too.

Seeding and aeration are two essential lawn maintenance tasks. So why not outsource them to the professionals? Our team at SecureLawn is available for all your necessary garden tasks. Our technicians come with training, equipment, and a friendly attitude to make sure your garden shines in every season. Reach out if you need help with lawn maintenance. 

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