Spring Root Fertilization and Insect Control for Trees & Shrubs

Fertilizing Your Garden Plants

Take advantage of the opportunities that springtime offers to fertilize your trees & shrubs in Tennessee.

When you apply the correct amount of fertilizer, young plants absorb the nitrogen which gives them the correct nutrient balance for optimum conditions to stay green into the fall. Also, established trees or shrubs in or near lawns or groundcovers that are fertilized regularly, can benefit from the fertilizer compounds.

Spring Plant Fertilization Tips

Spring is the time to begin a fantastic looking yard. But, before you apply any fertilizer, first observe your trees to determine if they need supplementary nutrients.

  • Do you notice deformed or underdeveloped terminal buds and roots?
    Spring Plant Fertilization Tips
  • Do they have yellowish or curl leaves?
  • Do you see any mottling of older leaves?
  • Is there any yellowing between veins of new growth?
  • Do leaves have a bluish-green appearance?

There is a lot of information on the Internet which provides different formulas for how much fertilizer to apply to plants. Basically, the idea is to use 1/2 pound of nitrogen for trees six inches or more in diameter. For smaller trees, use 1/4-pound nitrogen.

In sum, root fertilization provides around 13 elements that every plant needs. It helps to promote growth in young trees and improved health in mature ones. Plus, your plant will be more prepared to resist diseases, pest, and environmental stresses.

Root Fertilization and Integrated Pest Management

Along with root fertilization, adequate pest management is key to the health of not only your trees or shrubs but all plants in your garden. Professionals will evaluate your tree and shrub pest control needs and determine the solution that’s best for your plants.

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