Sports Field Lawn Care During the Winter Off Season

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If you own or manage a sports field, then you know how important it is to maintain it. Many people make the mistake of caring for their field during the summer months and then neglecting it when the weather gets colder in winter. However, your field should be well-kept throughout winter as well as over the summer months. This is important so you don’t end up spending a lot of time and money trying to prepare your field for summer sports events and games. 

Maintenance of your sports field is also important for the safety of those using the field. Additionally, having a high-quality field can boost your reputation and improve the standard of play for your players. 

Top Tips for Sports Field Lawn Care

In order for the grass to stay in the best condition for the players all year round, you will need to follow some important sports field lawn care steps. Here are some top lawn care tips for the off-season. 

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Maintaining your sports field can enhance safety and standard of play for your players. 


Irrigation is key to keeping your lawn smooth and strong. This is important to prevent slips and falls, and it is particularly helpful for sports where the ball rolls along the field, such as golf or cricket. Irrigation encourages faster recovery of the grass following use. 


Drain the field regularly to remove excess water caused by heavy rainfall or overuse of the field. Pay particular attention to this if your field sits on a slope or hill, as water may start to pool at one end of the field. 

Remove the Weeds

You don’t want the weeds taking over your field. Make sure to keep on top of removing any unwanted growth using pesticides. Follow up by overseeding the area to encourage the growth of new grass. 

For help with your sports field lawn care through the winter months, contact Secure Lawn today to get a price estimate. 

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