Rainy Weather Application Benefits

Why is rainfall a good thing during or after a lawncare treatment application?

Quicker delivery of a treatment application with rainfall or any form of irrigation means quicker results. Keep in mind the fertilizers and herbicides that SecureLawn uses have capabilities for both foliar and root absorption.

Compared to foliar absorption, root absorption is a simpler process. Roots do not have cuticles like leaves; although mature roots may be covered by a suberized layer. This means that there are few barriers to herbicide absorption by plant roots and will be readily absorbed.

Rain helps lawns look greener and healthier

Even if it rains just after your lawn care treatment, the likelihood of these materials running off is rare. Liquid treatments get soaked into the root zone and granular treatments with tiny spherical prills, will usually sink in water versus float away. You will notice these granule prills will commonly get lodged in between grass blades, thatch, and the root system mass. Even if some prills do wash out, it’s very rare that you’ll lose a substantial portion during even the heaviest of downpours.

Rain Helps Lawns Look Greener

There are many reasons why rain helps lawns look greener too and the main reason is the nitrogen itself. After it rains, there is more water available in the soil for the turfgrass plants. When grass plants take in that water, they are also taking in nitrogen from the organic matter that’s in the soil too. Rain contains nitrates—an important macronutrient and necessary for the development of lush foliage.

Rainwater is naturally acidic and when it reaches the soil, it helps release micronutrients that are locked up in your soil like zinc, manganese, copper and iron among others that are all essential to plant growth and health.

Remember, if your lawn treatment is applied and it doesn’t rain for a few days and then it pours rain, it is the same as if it had rained immediately after the application. The lawn will do just fine.

A rule of thumb is to not walk on your lawn immediately after a treatment for about an hour until it dries, Depending on the wind, heat and humidity these liquid spray applications can dry in as little as fifteen minutes or less.

Professional Help to Boost Your Lawn

SecureLawn also has in our spray mix a sticky base surfactant that helps our products adhere and remain on leaf tissue in the event of rain, making all of our treatments application rain ready and designed to deliver impressive results!



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