Professional Lawn Care to Meet HOA Landscaping Requirements

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If you’ve ever gotten a snide comment from a neighbor, or worse yet, a friendly note from your local Homeowners’ Association (HOA) about the state of your lawn, then you know that an unattractive yard can not only bring unwelcome remarks; it can land you in hot water and may even incur a fine. Since the last thing most of us want is to violate our HOA landscaping requirements, it’s probably time to see about that lawn.

Why Use Professional Lawn Care Services?

Before you go running to your nearest garden center with a credit card in hand, consider asking yourself: what’s my lawn care plan? There’s dirt and grass seeds … and then what? 

The “then what” is trusting a company that not only provides expertise in lawn care and maintenance, but will work with your unique needs with its Seven Series plan to get your lawn looking its best — and keeping it that way. SecureLawn takes the time to make sure you have a yard you can really love with its specialized plan:

  1. Year-round lawn care
  2. Weed and pest control
  3. Tree and shrub management
  4. Aeration and overseeding
  5. Fertilizer
  6. Preparation for winter
  7. Use of pet- and people-friendly products.

Get the Best Team to Get the Best Lawn

SecureLawn goes the extra mile by connecting you with a professional lawn care specialist to ensure that your customized Seven Series plan is implemented with expertise, adjusting to your lawn care needs as necessary. You have nothing to lose (except that patch of thistles you stepped on last weekend)!

Avoid the headache of figuring out how much fertilizer to use per square foot or the proper feeding, watering, and pest control schedule. Get in touch with SecureLawn for a free estimate and to learn more.

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