Pet and Kid-Friendly Lawn Care

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Keep Your Lawn Healthy Without Putting Children or Pets At Risk

When maintaining your lawn, you’ll want to ensure you use products that will keep your children and any pets that you own or that will pass your lawn safe. Pesticides and landscaping chemicals can often be harmful and highly toxic, which will leave them feeling sick. Learn the best practices for pet-friendly lawn care and also kid-friendly lawn care so you can enjoy your beautiful, lush, green yard while keeping everyone safe.

Practice kid-friendly and pet-friendly lawn care.

How to Practice Kid-Friendly and Pet-Friendly Lawn Care

To ensure you don’t cause any harm to anyone or any animal, initiate practices that secure the wellbeing of those who will encounter your lawn. With pets, particularly dogs, they are regularly taken for walks and may sniff or take a bite of your grass. If you use toxic pesticides and chemicals, they could end up sick or even be killed. Young children who may be crawling could experience irritations or allergic reactions that will impact their skin, lungs, and more. That’s why you should choose lawn care specialists that use pet and kid-friendly lawn care products and pesticides. Find a team of lawn care experts who offer non-toxic, organic, natural products for weed control like crabgrass and other weeds.

Kid and Pet-Friendly Lawn Care Products

When planning your kid-friendly lawn care, consider the products used to care for your lawn, but also make sure to be thoughtful of the types of plants you plant in your garden. Some garden plants can possess toxins and also make animals of young children ill if they ingest them. Be wary of everything used in your garden, and look closely at all components for a toxic-free yard. That way, you can make your lawn and garden completely safe for pets and kids.

To find the best advice, products, and services from professional lawn care specialists, choose SecureLawn. Our team will recommend kid-friendly lawn care and pet-friendly lawn care to keep your yard healthy and safe.

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