Moles vs. Shrews vs. Voles

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Differences Between Moles, Voles, and Shrews

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Wondering what those mouse-like creatures are scurrying around your yard? They will all cause burrows in your mulch, or runways that makes the grass look bad. Here is how to distinguish them.


A mole has enlarged front feet, a pointed snout, and minuscule eyes and ears (almost invisible). It lives underground and is specialized for life underground.

Shrewshrews control

A shrew has a pointed snout and, contrary to a mole, its front feet are not enlarged. Plus, you can see the eyes in most species. This little mammal hunts for insects above ground and in tunnels made by moles or voles.


voles controlA vole (or meadow mouse), has a body and ears and is black and brown, or reddish with a gray underside. This creature is active day and night, year-round, with peak activity occurring at dawn and dusk.

How Do You Treat Your Yard to Eradicate Them?

Once you have distinguished which one you are dealing with in your yard, you will know what pest control to apply. Here is the best management strategy for each one.

For controlling moles, we recommend using mole repellents. Granular mole repellents are distributed over the soil surface with a drop spreader to create an unwelcome environment for these little mammals.

To keep shews a bay, remove any potential shelters from your outdoor spaces. The critters love a covert environment with convenient hiding spots. Move stacks of bricks, firewood, or other materials away from your garden. Get rid of debris, and piles of grass clips or leaves.

Voles can be eliminated by using a repellent that doesn’t contain poisonous ingredients. This product is safe to use around pets and kids. Just distribute it in your yard. The product will go inside the burrows and send voles running from your property.

Whether it is to control moles, shews, or voles, you can also install traps in front of any holes you find in your property. Bait the traps with peanut butter or oatmeal. When you do catch a critter, seal the carcass into a Ziploc bag and dispose of the bags in a tightly sealed trashcan.

If moles, shews, or voles have invaded your landscape, it’s best to contact a pest control professional, like Secure Lawn. Call us at 615-893-8455 to speak with an expert.

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