Maintaining Your Sports Turf Never Has to Be an Impossible Task

The maintenance of sports turf can be a tedious, detail-oriented job, but it doesn’t have to be an impossible one. It is important to give the proper care to these fields to keep them as safe as possible for athletes of all ages. As a sports turf provider, you want that grass to be durable, healthy, and up to its optimum conditions to withstand the inevitable abuse suffered during use.

How to Make Your Field Look Its Best

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For the most part, turf is generally under stressful conditions as it gets torn out of the ground, leaving very little chance of regrowth. Depressions and unlevel areas in the field can cause water to drain unevenly, causing patches of dried grass throughout which, in turn, gives way to disease and insects to settle in the leaves and roots.

Areas to Look into for Better Sports Turf:

  • Healthy soil is essential for grass to grow naturally. It is recommended to use organic matter when possible to help grass regrow; roots will grow deeper, healthier, and they will have the chance to come back when torn during a game.
  • Irrigation is critical for the maintenance of any grass and sports turf. When too much water is used, it can lead to fungus and many other kinds of unhealthy pathogens, causing the lawn to die and not regrow.
  • There are many types of hearty grasses suitable for sports fields. Bermuda grass works great since it is best in hot climates during warm months and for cooler months, a mixture of ryegrasses is recommended.

Pest infestation is a problem with most lawns, but a proactive turf management can help battle this issue by not over or under-watering the field, and using insecticides when needed. Regular aeration helps grasses to keep oxygenated and healthy. You can prevent the use of pesticides by keeping a close eye on the health of your lawn.Secure Lawn Logo

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