Process of growing grass in your garden

Laying Down New Grass for Your Lawn

Having a green lawn full of luscious green grass is a dream of many. If you’re looking to revamp your yard, here’s what you need to do to lay down new grass:

Remove the Old Grass

The first step is removing the old sod and weeds using a digging fork. It will loosen the soil and give you a clean base to start from, and help the new grass seeds grow easily.

Resolve Grading Issues

After the soil is bare, hire a landscaping contractor to address the grading issues and fill the low spots. They will use a half-and-half mix of sand and good-quality topsoil as filling material.

Improve the Soil Quality

Process of Getting a New Lawn
Planting new grass takes considerable effort and requires professional help

Landscaping contractors determine the soil amendment by running soil tests. They use a power tiller to mix organic matter, sulfur, fertilizer, or lime into the soil. This is necessary for better drainage and nutrient distribution. The soil is then leveled using a landscaping rake.

Rake Until Smooth

Next, you have to level the soil with a landscaping rake, readying it for replanting. Clear any stones that might be in the way and water the soil. Remember, don’t let the water stand in puddles. After the soil has dried, use a roller to get a firm base because seeds don’t grow within loose soil. Water the area two days before planting the seeds.

Plant the Seeds

Sow the grass seeds evenly on the whole lawn and lightly roll the surface, helping the new roots in grabbing the soil.

Water the Grass

Heat, sunlight, and moisture are necessary for seed germination. Do not make the mistake of overwatering as it prevents germination. Not watering properly can kill the seeds of dryness; ensure proper watering in the initial weeks.

Take Care

Grass seeds start germinating within 2 to 3 weeks. When it grows taller than 1 ½ inches, mow the grass. Fertilize your new lawn after six weeks or as recommended by your landscape contractors.


Planting new grass seeds might seem easy to some, but it takes considerable effort and requires professional help. If you already have a lawn, you can sign up for a seven-step lawn program for round-the-year care. Click here to get a free estimate.



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