Natural Grass Sports Field Maintenance and Care

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If you’ve ever skinned your knee on some rough dead grass during Ultimate Frisbee or tripped due to bumps and divets on an uneven grass surface, you already understand the importance of playing on a good field. Maintaining a nice sports field might seem simple enough; after all, grass grows pretty well on its own outdoors, right? The truth is a little more complicated than that: it takes year-round sports field maintenance and care to keep a natural grass sports field looking and performing its best.

Sports Field Maintenance

sports filed maintenance and care
A well-manicured soccer field.

Proper sports field maintenance is more than setting the timer for the sprinkler system to go off every few days; for the best results, there needs to be a schedule of regular mowing, fertilization, aeration, and overseeding. These efforts are for more than just providing luscious greenery for sports spectators, of course. A part of natural grass sports field care is ensuring that the field is in good condition by maintaining a level ground in order to reduce the likelihood of injury.

While soccer players are famous for falling and milking their aches and pains before getting up and continuing their game as if nothing ever happened, you don’t want those tumbles to be due to a poorly maintained soccer field.

Benefits of a Well-Manicured Sports Field

Besides the obvious bonus of avoiding a nasty fall during a game, there are other positive effects to having a well-maintained sports field. Having a beautiful sports field is a huge draw for outdoor-loving sports players and spectators alike, and having a professional-quality sports field will draw a crowd and elevate your community. A thriving sports community might even have a positive impact on property values.

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