Lawn Health: How to Achieve a Lush, Green, Thick Lawn

Longer, greener grass isn’t just an aesthetic benefit; it’s a sign of good lawn health. Grass that doesn’t get enough water, nutrients, or sunlight will start to yellow and grow more slowly. It will also be more susceptible to pests and diseases, which can further damage your lawn and even make your grass less green in the long run. Here are some tips on how to achieve lush, green, thick lawns that are full of health.

Getting Your Soil in Order

If you’re going to have a lush green lawn, it starts with healthy soil. Soil that is nutrient-poor or compacted doesn’t give grass much in the way of nutrients — so start with good, fertile soil by testing your soil and adding any nutrients it may be lacking (or removing any pollutants). Then plant your seeds. While many people think grass seed needs sunlight to germinate, it actually just needs warm temperatures. You can easily do both by sprinkling seed over your soil and covering them with a thin layer of mulch — which will also help keep weeds at bay while they grow their roots down into the earth.

Healthy grass is thick lush and green

Compost – The Gardeners Secret Weapon

Compost is essentially decomposed organic matter. Organic material includes things like leaves, grass clippings, and food scraps that you should be collecting and putting in your compost bin. When you fill up your bin with these materials along with manure and other similar items that you can buy from nurseries and garden centers near you, it will begin breaking down naturally by giving off heat. As it does, so it releases nutrients into the soil below, where they can be utilized by your plants.

Adding Grass Seed or Sod

If you’re interested in getting grass seed or sod for your lawn, contact your local landscape or gardening store. They can answer questions about what kind of seed or sod will work best for your area and give advice on how to keep it healthy. If you’re unsure of what kind of plants might work best in your area, ask them to come take a look at your lawn.

Call Professionals in Lawn Maintenance

If you have time and interest in maintaining your lawn yourself, great! However, hiring a lawn maintenance service can cut down on some of the labor and ensure that your lawn is getting all of its nutrients. If you hire professionals to come by every few weeks or months, you can make sure that your yard stays nice and healthy. Call Secure Lawn at 615-893-8455.



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