Lawn Care: Winterizing and Preparing Your Lawn for Colder Temperatures

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Winter comes every year, and that means it’s time to start preparing your lawn for the colder months ahead. You have to think about how your lawn will be affected by winter elements. First, consider where you live. Will the weather be cold and dry, or wet and snowy? Keep in mind that the soil in your area will also affect your lawn’s conditions — lighter soil will dry out faster in cold weather than heavier soil and can be frost-sensitive. Also, keep in mind that you don’t need to wait until the ground freezes to begin preparing your lawn for the cold months. You can start now with lawn care!

Why Prepare Your Lawn for Winter?

control the Weeds in Your Lawn
 It’s time to prepare for the winter season.

There are many reasons why you should winterize your lawn. First, it’s the season of rest—your yard needs a break from all that regular upkeep. It will also give you time to do essential maintenance while your grass is dormant. Furthermore, if you prepare your lawn now, in the fall, it will be better set up to withstand the cold of winter and spring, when lawns are more susceptible to damage.

How Can You Prepare Your Lawn for Winter?

When it comes time to prepare your lawn for winter, you can start by reducing its water supply to make sure that minimal amounts of moisture will be lost through evaporation during colder months. Next, seek professional help from lawn experts to prepare your yard for winter.

Temperature changes can damage a lawn if not carefully tended to. Maintain and implement lawn care now to avoid potential damage in the spring and early summer.

When a lawn transitions into winter, its growth slows — usually to just one or two new blades of grass each month. This is due to lower temperatures and shorter days. Even so, you should still be careful about how much water your lawn receives during this season.

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