Lawn Care for Dry and Patchy Lawn

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How Can You Overcome a Patchy Lawn?

Your lawn care determines the overall aesthetic of your yard. This matters for boosting your curb appeal and building positive first impressions for people passing by your property, and for having your own sense of pride in your home. A patchy lawn can distract people from recognizing the quality of your property or deeming it visually appealing. In fact, your yard could be causing you to be lowering the overall value of your neighborhood.

Let’s get down to the root of the problem so you can conduct proper lawn care to improve your home’s appeal and make people value you as a neighbor.

Why Is Your Lawn Dry and Patchy?

What causes grass to struggle to grow and appear so dry and brown? Well, to understand this issue, you’ll need to perform two actions:

  1. Diagnose your dry and patchy lawn to find the best care solution. Comb through your yard and look where the grass is thriving and where the areas of growth end. Consider certain factors like sunshine, water sourcing, weather conditions, choice of soil, and more. Are you mowing your lawn too often or not enough? These factors all affect your lawn care and grass health.
  2. Contact a team of professionals who understand your area’s climate conditions and landscaping conditions.
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Learn what’s causing your patchy lawn and reach out to lawn care experts for help.

What Are Other Reasons Why You Have a Patchy Lawn?

During your investigation, you’ll want to be thorough so you can have enough information to seek help from professionals who understand landscaping and lawn care in your area.

More reasons for your dry lawn include:

  • Lack of moisture from no rain or watering
  • Damage to your lawn caused by lawn furniture pieces
  • Poor topsoil

By connecting with experts in lawn care, you can restore your yard’s aesthetic appeal. Grow fresh, healthy, green grass with the help of SecureLawn. We’ll help you diagnose your yard issues and find the best options to make your yard look good fast.

Visit our website to learn more about our SecureLawn services.

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