Is Lawn Care and Maintenance Safe for Pets

We think twice before calling for lawn care and maintenance services, often wondering how safe it is for our kids and pets. Lawn care companies often use fertilizers containing toxic, synthetic, and chemical ingredients. A scientific study also shows that there is a link between lawn care chemicals and deteriorated health of pets. 

Secure Lawn uses products and services that are safe for pets and kids

Tips that Will Help Your Lawn Stay Green
Products used by SecureLawn services are pet and kids safe

While striving for the perfect green lawn, we may use certain products and services without realizing that they may have a harsh impact on the environment and animals. Lawn chemicals vary widely, and so do their effects. Some have minor effects and symptoms in pets, while some may turn out to be extremely poisonous.

SecureLawn puts an end to all your woes and concerns and help to get that luscious green lawn. We use products that are non-toxic, safe for both kids and pets, and do not stain. We strive to increase the health of the grass without harming the health of the pets, unlike conventional companies. SecureLawn ensures not to put community health at risk while creating a pest-free zone for you to live in.

Pest Control Services

SecureLawn also supplies pest control services. We have season-long plans to provide you relief from insects.

Pests are species of animals that cause harm to live organisms around them. Once established in your home, pests are very expensive to remove and cause millions of dollars in damage every year. These are excluding health costs to you and your family.

Pests are harmful to you and your plants, but studies also show that pests make your pets sick. Pets attract pests, and they are difficult to get rid of. A pest-free, healthy home prevents ticks and fleas and is great for homes with pets.

SecureLawn provides budget-friendly pest control services for a healthy environment for you to reside in.

SecureLawn provides pest control as well as a year round lawn program that is safe for all your family members!



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