Getting Rid of Chinch Bugs

How You Can Solve the Problem of Insects on Your Lawn

Insects can be damaging to your lawn, but they don’t have to be! By focusing on healthy soil and fertilizer, you can rid your lawn of pesky pests without the use of dangerous pesticides. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your lawn green and thriving while keeping it safe from pesticides that harm both you and the environment.

Can Pest Control Be Safe for My Children and Pets?

Pest control can be safe for your children and pets

The short answer is yes; pest control can be safe for your children and pets when done correctly. Here are a few tips to make sure that your pest control treatments are as safe as possible for your family:

  1. Read the label carefully and follow all instructions
  2. Keep all treated areas out of reach of children and pets until they are dry
  3. Store all pesticides in their original containers and away from food and pet areas
  4. Never use more pesticide than is recommended on the label
  5. Contact Secure Lawn in Tennessee – We use eco-friendly products and take care to avoid using any harmful chemicals

A Lawn’s Health Depends on a Healthy Soil

A healthy lawn starts with healthy soil. The first step to take is a soil test to find out what your lawn’s current pH level is and what nutrients it might be lacking. Once you know what your lawn needs, you can take steps to improve the soil quality by adding organic matter, such as compost or manure. This will help your lawn better absorb water and nutrients, and make it more resistant to pests and diseases. As far as pest control goes, consider changing the type of fertilizer that you’re using if the insects don’t go away. It may also be time to apply insecticides if nothing else has worked. 

The best way to protect your lawn from future problems is prevention: avoiding areas where leaf litter builds up, watering deeply and infrequently rather than spraying water across your yard every day, and controlling weeds in garden beds around trees or other structures.



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