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How to Stay on Top of Your Lawn Health

Preventative Steps That Will Keep Toxic Products off Your Lawn

It is possible to enjoy a great-looking lawn without pesticides. Instead of using synthetic fertilizers and chemical herbicides, try leaving your grass clippings after you mow to feed your soil. Over-seed to fill in spots where weeds can take over and grow. Remember to water the roots deeply to maintain a healthy lawn. When planting grass from scratch, consider using any number of drought-tolerant, ecofriendly, or native lawn alternatives.

Consistently Tending to Your Lawn Will Limit Weeds

Obtaining a beautiful weed-free lawn is a gardener’s dream. Keeping your turfgrass intact and being able to enjoy a beautiful yard is easy if you follow the right weeding approach. Preventing weeds from invading your lawn with environmentally friendly alternatives will not only help you keep it healthy but will reduce the dangerous effects of chemicals. Here are some tips so you can have a lawn with no weeds.

Use an old-fashioned, safe method to remove them: pulling them out! That is the most economical and eco-friendly technique for getting rid of weeds.

lawn productsUse organic lawn additives like corn gluten meal that is an effective fertilizer and pre-emergent weed killer in case the problem persists.

If, after testing your lawn, you determine that it needs certain nutrients, use organic products to enrich it without applying harmful chemicals. Just spread compost in the spring and fall. Plus, natural lawn care habits will create a healthy, vigorous lawn that resists diseases and pests.

Lastly, regular maintenance and care will discourage pest harborage in your yard. For achieving this goal, you can cut the grass, trim shrubs and trees, and clean-up leaves and brush.

There are companies in the area that offer natural landscape maintenance programs. They will help you achieve a healthy, pest-free landscape using the latest and best methods.



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