How to Properly Care For Your Lawn in Winter

How to Treat Your Lawn in Winter to Keep it Healthy

In a Tennessee climate, we’re lucky enough to enjoy fairly mild winters. It’s a nice middle ground between California’s balmy beach days and New York’s frozen tundra. As a result, Tennessee yards require a special sort of winter lawn care. It’s important not to neglect your lawn over the colder winter months. The earth is still alive, and it’s getting ready for spring. If you ignore your garden, you won’t have quite as marvelous a result when March and April roll around.

The first tip we recommend for winter lawn care is to apply extended-release fertilizer. Of course, at the moment, there probably aren’t many plants in your garden that require the nutrients that’s in fertilizer. But as the roots and soil prepare for spring, an extended-release fertilizer can nurture your lawn with plenty of nutrients to keep it looking bright and green when the sun comes out again. The second most essential tip for winter lawn care is weed control. This is a year-round activity! Without careful maintenance, weeds can take control of your yard and wreak havoc on all your hard work. Do yourself a favor and stay on top of the weeds this winter.

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Get Lawn Care Service From the Right People

It’s critical to get help from people who understand the type of grass you have. Not all lawn care services are trained in the growing cycles and maintenance techniques of your specific type of grass. Some just come and cut the grass and charge you lots of money. Instead, call up Secure Lawn, and we’ll come up with a specific plan so that your lawn gets what it needs to stay healthy all year round.

Ready for help with winter lawn care? Reach out today for an estimate, and let’s make a plan to keep your yard looking great all winter long.



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